What is the eCom Success Academy? – Is it a Scam or Legit?

What is the ecom success academy

Making money by selling online could be quite a challenge to take on – especially for a beginner to the marketing scene. If you’ve ever given any thought about starting an online business where you could sell products and services from the comfort of your own house, you’re very likely to have stumbled upon the eCom Success Academy. This piece of software was created by a very successful online marketer, Adrian Morrison.

If you’ve thought about purchasing the ESA, you probably felt a bit discouraged by the pricing of the software. That is only natural. The true question is what is the eCom Success Academy? – Is it a scam or legit?


Please, read the full review before deciding to purchase the eCom Success Academy

Investing almost 2,500$ in an informative software is a decision that would certainly raise an eyebrow or two. The thing is though, Adrian Morrison has made over one billion dollars in profit through internet marketing and he’s ready to supposedly reveal his big secret to you throughout a series of courses that should at the very least make back the investment sooner rather than later.

Does it work as you’d expect it to work, though? Today I’ll be guiding you through the entire product, reviewing the most important aspects of its content and analyzing if it’s truly worth the huge price tag that Adrian has slapped on it.

Quick Insight

  • Name: eCom Success Academy
  • Website: http://www.eComsuccessacademy.com
  • Type of product: eCommerce courses
  • Pricing: $2,495 ($2,991 if paid in 3-month 994$ installments)
  • The Intuitive Reviewer Overall Rating: 3 out of 10.

What do get you with your purchase of the eCom Success Academy?

After becoming a multi-millionaire internet marketer, Adrian Morrison created a series of tutorials, courses and lessons that offer guidance to whoever buys the ESA on the best ways to make money through internet sales, mainly using Facebook ads and investing in Shopify.

Basically, the eCom Success Academy will give you the necessary tools that you need in order to correctly invest your money on eComerce. If you expect to purchase a tool that will turn your investments into profits very quickly, let me stop you right there. That’s NOT what you’re getting.

You’ll also be given access to a whole bunch of “exclusive” software… But really, how exclusive could a piece of software be if everyone has it? Some of the tools you get with your purchase are indeed very useful but in reality they’re far from exclusive. Keep in mind that everyone who has bought the ESA has access to them.

There’s also an important factor that you need to consider before investing two-and-a-half grand on this product.

ecom success academy facebook adsYou will need to pour a WHOLE lot more money into your venture in addition to the initial fee you pay. We’re talking about 1 or 2 more grand JUST to set up your Shopify profile the way it’s properly required to be, not to mention the flabbergasting amount of cash you’ll have to invest into Facebook ads alone. I hope you know where I’m going with this – Adrian can say a lot of positive things about the product, but he never speaks about how much more you’re going to need to invest.

You will learn effective methods and even if you’re a beginner you should understand everything in a pretty straightforward manner – the teachings offered in ESA are not hard to comprehend and you’re able to get a hold of them quickly.

The structure of the course is also well organized and you, as a buyer, won’t feel like you don’t know where you stand. You WILL need to invest a lot of time to make everything work as Adrian tells you, though! The process is tedious and not easy as you might think after reading most reviews online.

It is important for you to remember that Adrian offers NO REFUNDS – once you invest in his product, your money is gone for good.

How is the eCom Success Academy structured?

What is the ecom success academy

As I told you before, the ESA is well organized. It is divided into a series of different sections which contain the “exclusive” information Adrian promises to deliver. There are sections titled “LIVE Training”, but don’t be deceived – this just means that the section is being updated from time to time. You’re not getting in a conference call to talk about the course.

As it stands, the ESA is divided like this:

  • Shopify: In this section you will learn different strategies that Adrian has used to set up his store in Shopify. You’ll also be taught how to work with your brand within the site and how to “properly” promote your products as a seller. The section is divided into various modules that contain different information.
  • Sourcing Products: In this module, you’ll find lessons that will teach you how to put into work the best practice for drop-shipping, so you don’t have to spend any money on products, but rather sell them by becoming an affiliate or through other methods (that will STILL require you to spend money).
  • Facebook Ads and Campaigns: You will know the methods Adrian uses to invest money on Facebook and the way he directs his campaigns, which led them to spend millions of dollars in the site.
  • EMail Marketing: Have you ever wondered how e-mail marketing works? You will learn Adrian’s methods here, but keep in mind you still need to have your OWN email database if you want this to work!
  • Team Building: Here, Adrian explains why you should build a team and not work on your own… Which means you’ll need to invest MORE money.
  • Project Management: “Everything” you need to know on how to manage the team that will work for you, should you decide to go ahead and hire one.
  • Exit Plan: If you decide to sell your business at some point, here you will learn how to do it for supposedly a lot of money.

There are other additional aspects of the course but those I mentioned are the main topics that it covers, so be aware that’s what you’ll be paying with your 2,500$.the good and the bad

What I liked about Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy

  • It offers good insight and analysis on how to start an online business. I still think the ESA is NOT WORTH its price tag. Not in a million years. But IF you decide to make the purchase, you’d get some good courses in return.
  • It is easy to understand. The format makes it very simple for you to see where everything is located and how to access every specific lesson. The courses themselves are also well explained and Adrian certainly did a good job there – both in his lessons and in his selection of other instructors present in each course. There isn’t anything INCREDIBLE about the tutorials, but if you’re a beginner you should be able to understand everything easily.
  • The courses are made for you to follow them one step at a time. You get told things in order and even as a newbie you’ll be able to follow his instructions pretty quickly.

What I didn’t like about Adrian Morrison’s ECom Success Academy

  • The pricing is just TOO MUCH. Paying two-and-a-half grand for these courses is an excessive amount of money. Granted, you could make some of it back in sales, but the time it would take is not worth it. I’d only advise you to buy a course like this one if you have money to spare and A LOT of patience.
  • The initial investment is basically going to DOUBLE the price of the ESA. Just to get started in Spotify and to properly set your Facebook ad campaign, you’re going to need at least an extra 2,000$ on top of the fee you already paid for the course. Surely there HAS to be a better option out there, right? Not even Adrian’s software makes the course worth so much money.
  • It’s going to take you a while before you can see ANY profit whatsoever. The methods that you’re given work, but it just takes too long to turn your investment into income. I just think that 2,500$ + fees is too much money for a return that could very well take months or even years to reach your bank account.

Is the eCom Success Academy a scam or legit?

The courses and software it offers are actually good to work with, but there are two aspects that make this product a scam: the hugely inflated price tag that you’re made to pay for it and the fact that Adrian doesn’t tell you the whole truth. He absolutely oversells the product by promising you too many things without telling you how long it is really going to take you to start seeing any sort of profit.

A viable alternative to consider

In my experience as an online marketer, the best option I’ve found is the Wealthy Affiliate. It has too many benefits for a virtually non-existent fee, you can get started for free and it is miles ahead of any other overpriced piece of software that you can find online. If you join the Wealthy Affiliate community, you’ll gain access to courses and lessons on how to start an online venture based in YOUR hobbies, as well as top-notch assistance from successful marketers whenever you require. Don’t look anywhere else, I can tell you by my own experience that this is EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

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2 Replies to “What is the eCom Success Academy? – Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. Thanks for the great review. I do have a store with Shopify, it has been a few months and everyone says that it’s the best way to make money. But with anything, time and money is what it takes. There is no easy way! This Wealthy Affiliate sounds good, do they also try to upsell you every chance they get?? Like most of the others.

    1. Hello Rodney, thanks for your positive feedback. It great that you have your own store with shopify, it does take time with these ventures but stick with it and I’m sure that you’ll start seeing results.

      You’re right that most of theses make money online products do have upsells but not Wealthy Affiliate. Once you become a member, you have access to everything it has to offer. All the training videos, hosting, keyword research tools, etc… It’s offers alot of value for the money you pay.

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