What is Fizzle.co? Is it a scam or legit?

Countless times we turn our attention towards sites that have preset methods which work as techniques to make a quick buck, but we tend to ignore courses and programs that actually teach us how to make money by ourselves, without needing to rely on third-party software or even people that could potentially charge us extra money without offering us enough benefits.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you probably know by now how many scams I’ve come across, during my time as an online entrepreneur, so today we’re going to talk about one program that works differently when compared to the others, but could still become a very powerful tool in the hands of the right person. If you’ve ever wondered “what is Fizzle.co?”… Then you will get your answer today.

Before we start, let me just tell you that although Fizzle is a totally legitimate program that has a lot to offer, it does have its fair share of flaws. I’d also like you to keep in mind that you’re likely not going to find instant success, and although the program offers great guidance, it might take you a while to get properly started.

I came across Fizzle as it apparently offered important information for affiliate marketers, but I shortly found out that the program had so much more to offer than affiliate marketing techniques. Fizzle is all about courses and lessons that will help you start an online business from home. It doesn’t focus specifically on one thing, but it rather gives you information that will help you shape your own business yourself.

Before I go on to tell you about the structure, pricing and other info about Fizzle, let me point out that this isn’t a “moneymaking machine”. If you’re looking to invest cash and turn it into profit quickly, this might not be the right option for you. If you want to build your online venture from the bottom and patiently create a lasting source of income, then read on!

Quick Insight

  • Name: Fizzle.co
  • Website URL: http://www.fizzle.co
  • Type of product: Online business courses for entrepreneurs
  • Pricing: 35$ per month, or 315$ for a full year (25% discount)
  • The Intuitive Reviewer Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

How does Fizzle work? What do you get with your subscription?

One of the main attributes that caught my attention when I first started reading about Fizzle was the similarities it has with my go-to online marketing program: Wealthy Affiliate. Fizzle was originally founded by three successful online entrepreneurs (Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves & Caleb Wojcik) and serves the purpose of getting people started into the world of online business. The main difference between both programs is that Fizzle covers a bit of everything and the Wealthy Affiliate focuses intensely on affiliate marketing success.

Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves & Caleb Wojcik

In case you’re already wondering, Fizzle.co isn’t a scam at all. It’s a legit way to get your online marketing ventures running and it will help you in the long term. I believe that in order to succeed with the program you’re going to need a couple of intangible things: patience and the ability to work hard for your goals.

Once you subscribe to Fizzle, you’ll be granted access to their repertoire of courses and video training. First things first, though. The program offers guidance to help you choose what business you should get into, even if you have no idea what you want, thanks to the Phases which contain all crucial lessons.

The program is formed by three phases which as a whole create the Fizzle Course itself. Once you’ve gone through each phase, you should have everything set and in motion. It’s not only about watching videos and writing down notes; you have to follow the lessons by yourself, doing what they tell you to do. As you advance through each phase, you’ll start to see how your website (be it a blog, an affiliate marketing-oriented page or even a podcast site) starts to take shape.

Fizzle Training Course – The Phase structure:

What is Fizzle.co

Phase 1 – Creating a business idea to start off with: This is probably the most important part of the course, considering it will lay the foundations to anything that comes afterwards. In this phase, you’ll discover how to properly begin your venture depending on how you want to approach it. The first phase will not only teach you how to develop a business idea, but also the way you need to present it to your potential customers if you want it to be successful.

Fizzle Review

Phase 2 – Building on and making money: The second phase is all about turning your website into an actual source of income. One thing I really liked about Fizzle is that by no means I was told that I’d be making a lot of money in the blink of an eye, and this phase clearly builds onwards from that assessment. It’ll surprise you how tricky it is to get a successful website going, but if you follow each step you should be able to do it without any major inconvenience.

Remember, Fizzle isn’t about making INSTANT cash. It takes time to turn investment into profit.

Is Fizzle.co a scam

Phase 3 – Turning everything you’ve built into success: I actually found this part of the course to be a little bit complicated when I first looked at it, but after going through the first two phases it was actually pretty easy to understand. I’m sure any beginner will feel the same, if overwhelmed at first glance. This phase is all about maximizing profit and improving the website that sells your product, regardless of what you’re selling.

There’s one more thing that caught my eye when I got into Fizzle. The program has plenty of information to deal with, but it feels like the three founders did a good job presenting it. The structure is very beginner friendly, that’s for sure. The forums are pretty active as well, so that’s a plus too.

There are some things that feel like could do with a little bit more, though. The roadmap section offers an overview throughout a series of videos that are supposed to show you how small businesses work and grow, but it seem a bit too shallow at first and more depth could really help developing it. Their affiliate offers could do with a bit of work too, as you cannot earn money by referring people to the program – all you get is a discount on your membership… Unless you refer more than 10 people, in which case you get a 20% commission. It’s not a very tempting offer, to say the least.

What I liked about Fizzle.co

Honestly, what I liked the most about Fizzle is that it’s very similarly structured to my number 1 recommendation. Fizzle and the Wealthy Affiliate share a lot of common attributes and none of these programs lie to your face by telling you that you’ll be rich in no time. It takes hard work and dedication to become a successful online entrepreneur.

There are also a couple of other aspects that I thought very highly of:

  • Beginner-friendly, step-by-step guides: I really think that this has to be taken into consideration whenever a new program is created. They need to be beginner friendly, and as soon as I set my mind on trying a new program this is the first thing that I try to notice. Fizzle does indeed help beginners get started in multiple ways, not only with understandable courses but also with a very user-friendly layout.
  • The community: I believe that it’s very important to have versatility when it comes to communities, and this is even more accurate for online businesses. Maybe you don’t want to have people connected to you all the time, or maybe you like to be engaged with other entrepreneurs 24/7. I feel like Fizzle gives you the chance to choose how much you want to be engaged with the community, so it’s entirely up to you how much interaction you want.

What I didn’t like about Fizzle.co

  • The community seems far more engaged in the Wealthy Affiliate. To those of us who like an active environment, Wealthy Affiliate offers an even more dynamic community than Fizzle. It’s not a deal breaker by any means; there are still plenty of active, friendly and receptive people out there.
  • Referral commissions are too low. Although understandable because this isn’t exactly an affiliate marketing program, it’d still be nice to be able to make more money by referring people to Fizzle. I feel like they should improve this area, especially because it would encourage more people to focus on affiliate marketing with Fizzle in their minds, driving more traffic and subsequently more clients to the site.

Is Fizzle.co a scam or legit?

If there’s one thing I can confidently say, it’s that Fizzle isn’t a scam. The program is always emphasizing the importance of hard work and it never tells you how you’ll be floating in piles of cash in no time. It rather shows you how to get your business going with step-by-step lessons that you have to follow in order to succeed with Fizzle. It’s a legit way of getting started into online business and not one of those shady programs that benefit from your work by lying to your face with shallow promises that’ll never deliver.

Legit programs always tend to have a period of trial, and Fizzle also offers its users a 2-week free trial period.

A viable alternative to consider

There’s only one program that works better than Fizzle when it comes to teaching users lessons in online businesses: the Wealthy Affiliate. Although Fizzle’s options are plentiful, the WA offer is just too good. You can stay a free member for as long as you want to and you can upgrade yourself to a premium membership whenever you like. Wealthy Affiliate is more focused towards affiliate marketing, but both programs stick to the same principles: it’s all about hard work and dedication when it comes to making money online.

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  1. What a great article. Thank you for a very detailed information about Fizzle. I actually never heard of this company before, but was very interested to find out some interesting facts about how Fizzle works. I also appreciate your compartment to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you again.

    1. Hello Grace and thank you for your positive feedback. I think maybe due to their affiliate program which isn’t very appealing, is the reason for Fizzle being not so well known. Nevertheless it remains a brilliant training platform that I recommend.

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