Online Sales Pro Review – Is Online Sales Pro a scam or legit?

Online Sales Pro Review

In my experience as an online marketing affiliate, I’ve come to realize that there are two very important aspects when it comes to monetizing a website and earning maximum profit from its traffic: keeping an open channel of feedback with those interested in your content and selling exactly what people are looking to buy. This made me come across Online Sales Pro, a piece of software by subscription that introduces you to the world of affiliate marketing. But like every other program that I’ve reviewed in this site, I couldn’t help but ask myself this question: is Online Sales Pro a scam or legit?

Unlike other shady-looking, overpriced software out there, Online Sales Pro doesn’t charge a ridiculous amount of money to its subscribers nor does it preach impossible-to-fulfill promises that lead nowhere but to a dead end. This was definitely a refreshing sight for me, and I’m sure it is for you too if you’ve spend some time looking at online marketing software. Keep in mind that some services that it offers do cost A LOT of money, but the base subscription is very affordable.


Please, read the full review before deciding to subscribe to Online Sales Pro

The Money is in the List

Why do I say it’s important to keep in touch with people that have shown interest in your content? The answer is pretty simple. If you neglect the fact that these people are potential future customers and treat them as if they don’t matter, you’d be losing tons of potential sales and missing out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That’s exactly why making a list of customers and visitors is very important when working your way up from the bottom of the online marketing scene – and this is exploited through the correct use of email marketing.

Let me tell you something, it’s not only important to keep a hold of your customers. You also need a way to keep people hooked even when they first open your website. And the first thing people find when they open a website is its landing page.

Having an engaging and well-presented landing page isn’t only crucial for long term success, but also for quick sales which in turn translate into short term success. OSP gives you countless options when it comes to landing pages and it shows you how to properly manage your leads in order to turn the things that you envision into realities that hold true to the foundations of your success.

These are just few out of the many lessons and benefits offered by Online Sales Pro, and although it may have some flaws, they are definitely outweighed by the many advantages it gives to anyone subscribed to it.

Quick Insight

  • Name: Online Sales Pro
  • Website:
  • Type of product: Introduction and courses to Mail Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Pricing: Monthly fee of $37 or 297$ a year – 97$/month MVP or 997$/year MVP
  • The Intuitive Reviewer Overall Rating: 7 out of 10.

What do you get if you subscribe to Online Sales Pro?Inside Online Sales Pro

The software put together by Vincent Ortega Jr. offers its customers a wide arrange of benefits when comparing it to other programs found online. Most importantly, it hands everything on a plate to its subscribers – once you get started with this software, the key elements needed to begin the journey towards a successful affiliate marketing business will be given to you.

What elements am I talking about, though? Well, OSP gives you the ability to improve two of the most important areas of affiliate marketing: the effectiveness, attractiveness and responsiveness of you website’s landing page and the correct guidance on how to properly manage your leads, allowing you to create well-crafted lists that will in time turn little investment into huge profit.

This means that OSP’s purpose is basically to help you optimize the effectiveness of your website and increase the sales you make. Your subscription will earn you access to a software that offers proven methods that work when it comes to increasing the cash flow of an online marketing site.

Unlike many pieces of software that you find out there, you don’t NEED to invest any extra money if you want to be successful with Online Sales Pro. You do have the choice to do it, and the software certainly tries to convince you to spend more money with the way that it’s set up. I highly advice you to stick to the main 37$ subscription, the safest bet is to start making money before you pay for the extra services offered.

How is Online Sales Pro structured? What do you do once you have it?

Although you’ll get access to plenty of tools and most of them will be all but ready for you, there are some basic steps you should follow before getting started with tutorials and lessons. I’ll quickly go over them for you.

The first thing you’ll have to do once you start everything up for the first time is choose one of the available templates for your own website or create one of your own, should you decide to do so instead. This will allow you to have a fully functioning and appealing landing page, emphasizing the ability offered by OSP to create a user-friendly environment, just like I mentioned earlier in this article.

Now you have a landing page, which is good… but what about sales? OSP also gives you the ability to create a sales page, where you’ll be aiming to hook people up towards buying whichever product you decide to sell in your site. Just like the landing page, Online Sales Pro gives you a wide selection of templates and also the ability to customize each and every one of them in order to suit your needs.

After you are set up, you’ll have to create a funnel page. I’m not here to talk to you about the basic concepts of online marketing as you can find almost everything you need on Google, but in case you don’t know what is the meaning of a funnel in marketing, it is a concept used to track the steps that one of your sites’ visitors has to take in order to translate a simple visit into a purchase.

OSP allows you to customize your funnel page as you see fit. And you don’t have to worry if you aren’t familiar with many of the concepts that you’ll come across while using Online Sales Pro – the program offers various tutorials that start at the very basics of each different area, allowing you to completely start from scratch even as a newcomer to the online marketing scene.

The software also grants you access to a mobile app that will help you properly deal with your leads, and it even has a system that allows you to autorespond messages (and yes, there is a tutorial for this, don’t worry).

Actually, the process of leading with your leads is the exact part where you can decide to spend more money on. You can invest some cash so Vincent’s team can handle the whole lead process instead of you, giving you more time to do other activities, but with the drawback of having to pay a LOT extra for the service.

The thing is this usually means that you’ll have to pour hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in addition to the subscription that you’re already paying. The lessons offered by the 37$ are more than enough, and maybe a one-month subscription could well be enough for you to get started into online marketing.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you might be tempted to invest extra cash but as mentioned earlier, wait until you start to see the cash coming in before you invest and scale. 

There are 4 different plans that you can purchase additionally in order to have a faster start:

  • Express DFY Setup (197$): The OSP team will setup your first lead and funnel page, and they will also help you with your first batch of autoresponder lines.
  • Online Sales Pro MVP Lifetime Membership (997$ a year): This plan gives you access to more customization options and also includes other training programs, where you can learn from successful marketing entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • 100 Reports with ready-to-use content (197$): You can pay an extra 197$ to purchase additional options that will allow you to draw leads towards your site faster.
  • 10 memberships with resell rights (497$): The OSP teams will give you 10 turnkey memberships that would otherwise cost you over one thousand dollars for less than half its price, and you can use these to create an additional and automatic source of income.

I decided that these additional purchases where to risky because of the price, they may offer some value but you can get results by simply using the base subscription plan.

Online Sales Pro Training Center

Now, let’s talk about the tutorials offered within Online Sales Pro.

The tutorial section is called “The Training Center”, and it contains very useful information that will help you learn a ton about online marketing and provide you with some very efficient tools when approaching social media with the aim of advertising your website and the products that it offers.

There’s one thing I’d like to point out before explaining how the division of the Training Center works. You’ll often see certain titles with the words “secret” in them, suggesting it is highly unlikely for anyone to actually know about the existence of these methods. But this isn’t entirely true, you’ll be shown very useful and highly efficient marketing tactics, but calling them “lesser-known” rather than “secret” would be more accurate and less deceitful.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s see how the Training Center is set up:

is online sales pro a scam

  • Affiliate Training and Social Media: This section contains 7 valuable lessons on how to properly approach social media marketing and how to get started into affiliate marketing. It is completely beginner-friendly and pretty easy to understand! If you’re new to the marketing scene, in here you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know in order to have a basic idea of how to immerse yourself into the world of online sales.This section will teach you just how important it is to never underestimate the impact of social media in online marketing, and you’ll see how faster you’ll sell your product once you invest some money towards social media advertising, like Facebook and Twitter ads.
  • List Building: There are 8 lessons included in this section, and they will guide you through the process of building a solid and effective list of clients (aka leads) that will help you create a solid list of customers who’ll be the main focus of your e-mail strategies.You’ll also learn everything you need to know about e-mail marketing and the most effective ways in which you can use the lists you create in order to maximize and optimize your profits.
  • List Building Follow Up: Here you’ll find 7 additional lessons that will build on the foundations laid by the first part of the List Building tutorials, and how to work with your leads after setting up everything related to email marketing and the creation of your lead base itself.

Each of these sections has the word “secrets” alongside it, but I decided to remove it in this review as my intention is to be as clear to you as possible. Like I said earlier in the article, these AREN’T secrets. These are just very effective methods that will help you succeed as an online marketer.

There is also a bunch of PDF files that contain marketing guides, each one directed towards a specific social media site. They are very in-depth and reading through all of them will help you understand very well how different each site is and how to get the best out of each different type of social media advertising.

the good and the bad

What I liked about Vincent Ortega Jr.’s Online Sales Pro

  • It’s easy to understand. The lessons aren’t set up in a complicated way – as I told you before, you can be completely new to marketing and the courses will still be viable for you. No need to look up anything more than a few concepts.
  • You can get affiliate commissions of up to 50% per sale.
  • OSP doesn’t lie to you by saying you’ll be rich in one week. Although Vincent’s video might at first seem a bit deceiving (see “What I didn’t like about OSP”), he never claims that you’ll be rich in no time. It takes work to get things going, but once you do, you’ll start making decent money thanks to these affiliate marketing techniques.
  • You’re not being charged a fortune for the courses, but rather a fair and very accessible price. While some “experts” will try to charge you over a thousand dollars for their software, you can become a member of OSP for just 37$ a month.

Here’s what I disliked about Online Sales Pro

  • The course and Vincent will try to convince you to invest more money and I’m not a fan of this approach. If a product has something of value to offer, why not let the customer know from the off set.. Everything in the course is extremely useful, but it is aimed towards making you splash the cash on the extra services it provides. Not really a professional approach, is it? It seems to me as a money-grab by Vincent, and it’s certainly backed up by his flashy and uncalled for YouTube video.
  • The pricing of other additional services is just too high and risky. I would recommend using the just the subscription service and once you start to see some sales, you could then reinvest into the additional services to scale your business.
  • Vincent vastly exaggerates the course on his official YouTube video. The humble-bragging that he does isn’t very much appreciated and could be scrapped entirely, considering he does it for approximately 5 minutes before actually introducing you to the product itself.

Is Online Sales Pro a scam or legit?

The base subscription is legit, and for 37$ a month, I feel as though it’s good value for money. There are many people making a decent income from this and there’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same. I’m more than confident that you’ll enjoy it, gain a lot of knowledge about affiliate & email marketing and get results with some hard work and dedication on your behave.

A Viable Alternative

Online Sales Pro has some positive aspects about it and I give it the thumbs up but if your searching for a way to make money online you need to take a look at my #1 recommendation. With no upsells or over-hyped videos, Wealthy Affiliate,  is a great program that allows you to join a community of entrepreneurs passionate about what they do and willing to help you whenever you need. You can get started today for free!





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    1. Hi Maurice, OSP did use to have a free trail period but that is no longer available, which will only deter folks like yourself from joining up. If you’re looking for a training program that teaches you how to make money online, go and have a look at my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up for free and this allows you to get the feel for it and there aren’t any upsells unlike most of the online money making products out there.

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