Is Yoonla a scam or a great affiliate program?

is yoonla a scam

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are plenty of programs out there that claim to be the next best thing and promise users countless ways to make a six-figure income in no time. Most of these are clear scams, but I found one affiliate program called Yoonla that certainly looked intriguing… But, since it also had a scammy pitch attached to it, I couldn’t help but wonder: is Yoonla a scam?

Naturally, I decided to try the program out before jumping into early conclusions, seeing as some of these programs turn out to be pretty good.

Yoonla is a tool that offers users the chance to take lessons in affiliate marketing for free, and unlike most websites they don’t require you to enter your credit card details when signing up for the free version – so it’s really similar to the Wealthy Affiliate in a lot of ways, although not as complete as the latter.


Please, read the full review before deciding to invest in Yoonla

You might be wondering why I am reviewing a free program and judging whether or not it’s a scam since you aren’t paying any money for it, right? Well, the program itself does offer ways in which you can “make money faster and efficiently” if you spend cash on some of its tools first. Now, buying these tools isn’t strictly necessary, but is it worth the extra investment?

After trying Yoonla and the paid tools that it offers, I decided to bring you this review so you can properly decide if the program is worth your time and your money. If you’ve also wondered if Yoonla could be your highway to success, read on!

Quick Insight

  • Name: Yoonla
  • Website URL:
  • Type of product: Affiliate marketing tools and courses
  • Pricing: Free (Affiliate Marketing Lessons) – From $35 to $500+ if you want to make money with Yoonla (VIP membership, hosting…)
  • The Intuitive Reviewer Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

How does Yoonla work? What do you get with the free subscription and the VIP membership?

Yoonla was created by internet entrepreneur Reno Van Boven, and what you get with the program is completely tied to how much money you’re willing to spend on it. Initially, if you sign up for the free version, you’re most likely to be pleased with what you get. The courses offered inside Yoonla are even better than some that you can find online behind hefty fees set by fake internet gurus.

Reno offers you the chance to take these courses and lessons for free, and there’s an even bigger plus when compared to other affiliate programs: you don’t need to set an initial credit card number in order to get access to the free version of the software… So if you are one of those people that forget about their subscriptions, you won’t find any unpleasant charges in your credit card bill at the end of the month.

With that said the free version of Yoonla ONLY gives you access to the affiliate marketing courses. You can actually make money with the program, but you need to pay some additional fees that might not seem too expensive on their own, but put together they’ll end up costing you at least 35$ per month – and I’m not even taking advertising into account, which could easily increase your spending to at least 500$ A MONTH. You can also make money with the free version, but it’s more difficult – I’ll explain this better in a bit.

If you decide to use the premium version of Lead Pages that the program offers, your investment will have to skyrocket even more, probably reaching the thousand dollar mark on monthly payments alone. Keep this in mind before getting into the premium part of Yoonla.

How is Yoonla structured?

I’ll break down the training offered by the free version of Yoonla first, and then we’ll move on to the VIP and paid features.

Training Overview

The training Yoonla offers is divided into 5 categories. Accessing each one is available for free and there’s actually a lot of useful information that will help you get started in affiliate marketing. If you’re already a savant and you’re looking for more in depths tutorials that could boost your productivity exponentially, this program is likely not for you. Looking at Yoonla from a beginner’s point of view, however… I find the amount of content that it offers extremely surprising.

The first thing that the program talks about is the preparation required to properly set up an affiliate marketing site… But in here is exactly where I started finding the software a bit suspicious. Reno emphasizes the importance of owning a web domain and an autoresponder, and that’s exactly how he earns the most money – he sells as an affiliate the services of Get Response and Yahoo hosting services. Of course, he strongly recommends you to choose those, rather than encourage you to find the best options available.

That’s not all, though. The money you can make in return for your investment depends not only on affiliate marketing, but also on cost-per-action services. In this case, an action means that someone registers into Yoonla by your recommendation, which will turn him into a lead earn you frin 2$ to 4$ (on the free version, paying to become a VIP will earn you up to 10 times that amount)… But that also depends on two things: the quality of the lead and whether or not it gets verified. Can you guess who decides both things? Exactly, Reno himself. He gets to decide how much money he pays you, if he pays you at all.

That’s definitely not a good start for the premium aspect of the program’, I thought.

In any case, after getting introduced to the basics of affiliate marketing, you’ll be shown how to install basic software provided to you by Yoonla itself, which you will need to upload to your own hosting website. In here, Reno suggests that you subscribe to his promoted host and he’ll explain everything using it himself. To be fair, this could be applied to most hosting sites, so don’t mind too much if you decide to use a different host.

Once you’ve set everything up, be it with Reno’s suggestions or with your own program choices, you’ll learn what you need to know about the importance of landing pages, sales and thank you pages as well. Keep in mind that Yoonla offers these services too, but they are optional and they will cost you a lot of money – especially the landing pages: a premium plan using Yoonla’s option would cost you around 195$ PER MONTH!

Do you see how quickly prices rack up? Those 35$ per month seem like a mere fantasy now, right? The thing is that Yoonla doesn’t necessarily provide you with the best platforms when it comes to hosting websites. I’d strongly recommend you check out my number 1 choice: a subscription would even guarantee you your own web domain!

In any case, after you’re done with the first three parts of the course, Reno will teach you all about automation and traffic. These are the final steps you need to take in order to get fully started with your site. If you don’t know what automation is, it’s basically what helps you keep control of your sites in a simple manner and aid you towards the process of building a passive income that could become your main source of cash once you’re up and running.

Traffic in Yoonla is mainly aimed towards paid web traffic, and doesn’t focus entirely on driving customers to your website without paying; which brings me back to my “ad costs” point. You’ll end up paying a ton of cash in paid advertisement like Facebook’s promoted posts or even Twitter ads in order to drive clients towards your site.

Personally, I believe the whole concept of Yoonla is okay. It’s free, it works and it helps you learn… But when it comes to the paid services, I’d suggest you focus on other programs and search online for better options like the Wealthy Affiliate or even

Let’s assume for a second that you decide to go with Yoonla and fully invest both your time and money on it. How much money can you earn from it and how do commissions really work, you might wonder?

Well, as I mentioned above, there are two ways in which you can earn money with Yoonla. The first one is setting your own website and using the basics of affiliate marketing to generate an income in the long run… But there’s one more way that’s entirely linked with how the program works, and although it has kind of a pyramid scheme feel to it, people have reported that it actually works. Personally, I didn’t try it because the benefits are just not what I’m looking for, especially with my success with Wealthy Affiliate. In any case, it works like this:

  • You’ll earn 4$ if one of your referrals joins Yoonla AND UPGRADES TO VIP, only if they live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia. If they don’t…
  • You’ll earn 2$ per referral from any other country.

The good thing is that you can earn these commissions being a free member of the site, but you will earn up to ten times more if you’re a VIP member, like I mentioned before.

There’s also one additional aspect that I can’t help but bring up in this review. If Reno or his team think that you’re not using Yoonla properly, your account can get terminated… And with a minimum payout of 200$, this condition could be used to avoid certain payments. Although this didn’t happen to me, it is still worth a mention.

If you want to become a VIP member, you’ll also have to pay a fee of around 100$, depending on the services you opt for, which is really expensive and not worth it if you’re not determined to commit most of your time and money to the program.

There is also a section called “Affiliate Marketing 101”, where you can get a lot of useful info that will help you get started and correctly compliments the whole setup process itself.

All in all, Yoonla is pretty great as long as you stick with the free version. The VIP services offer you better CPA and affiliate fees as well as better online marketing training, but it will cost you a lot of money that could be better invested elsewhere. Considering you also earn access to the exclusive member community once you pay the hefty VIP fee, it still doesn’t seem worth the investment.

What I liked about Yoonla

It is actually free. Unlike other programs that claim to cost no money, you can get access to Yoonla’s training without paying a single dime, and you don’t even need to enter your credit card details. It’s a really great deal.

The training they offer is amazing for new entrepreneurs. Although I already knew most things included in Yoonla, its information and tutorials would’ve been great when I first started as an online marketer. You might not find crazy, intricate concepts within Yoonla, but starters will surely find it incredibly useful.

It’s good for beginners. Both the Affiliate Marketing 101 section and the whole set up process are very good if you’ve never created a sales website before.

What I didn’t like about Yoonla

The program focuses too much on selling its own affiliate links, rather than offering its clients the best options available. There are many options available out there that offer better value for money. All you have to do is thoroughly search for better hosting sites, web templates and other tools that help you create a website. You’ll find plenty out there and you won’t fall victim of any affiliate links that only contribute towards someone else’s gain rather than yours.

It’s not good for people that have been around online marketing for a while. The information it offers won’t help people like me, considering we already know the basics. Unless veterans are considering investing a lot of money into Yoonla, I would not recommend it at all, even if it’s free, as it could feel more or less like a waste of time.

Some training areas should do better, especially Traffic. It focuses solely on paid traffic and fails to mention how to gain organic traffic in a webpage, which is crucial for any sales website; considering how much it helps the owner (YOU) save up on expenses.

Not enough customization options. This is one of my main concerns, as member websites tend to look pretty similar when compared with one another. There is no authenticity considering the templates that Yoonla offers are too generic and not customizable enough. They are effective, but I wish I could tweak them with ease to make them feel like they are truly mine.

The total amount of money that you have to spend is never really clear, especially when it comes to paid online ads. Your main source of traffic is usually Facebook, but there’s a hefty price to pay if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. If you don’t know how to properly direct your campaigns, the software does offer help… But it didn’t feel like enough for me and you could lose a lot of money on unsuccessful ad campaigns.

Is Yoonla a scam or legit?

It’s definitely legit, but I strongly recommend sticking with the free version and only use it if you’re a beginner. Any paid services offered by Yoonla and Reno don’t seem that worth it to me, and I’ve encountered better choices in both Fizzle and Wealthy Affiliate. With that said, the paid services aren’t a total scam either, but like I mentioned before, you can find better alternatives if you put yourself to it. Think well before investing and remember the importance of making the right choice!

A viable alternative to consider

The Wealthy Affiliate offers the most important aspects of Yoonla, and more. You can also register for free and stay a non-premium member for as long as you’d like. The premium benefits are also too good to not take advantage of them, and the community is incredibly involved with other people’s work as well as really helpful with one another. I’ve been a member for a long time now, and I’m still unable to find a program as good as WA! I encourage you to try it and share your thoughts with me.

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