Is the Commission Machine a Scam – Best 2017 Review

Is the commission machine a scam


Please, read the full review before deciding to purchase the Commission Machine.

Have you ever wished for a money-making machine? Ideally, it would be a one-time investment or effort that, once set and done, would keep bringing you income over an unlimited time. A huge income, preferably.

If that’s your dream, chances are you’ll stumble upon Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine at a certain point. This product claims to teach you how to earn more than $2000 daily by “copying” a set of “super-secret” affiliate weapons, but does it walk its talk? Is the Commission Machine a clever scam or a legit system of making money online? In this insight of The Intuitive Reviewer, we’ll reveal you the whole truth.

Quick insight:

  • Name: Commission Machine
  • Website URL:
  • Type of product: Email Marketing course and templates
  • Pricing: $19, $47, 30-day full money back guarantee; lots of upsells valued $97, $197, and $1997
  • The Intuitive Reviewer Overall Rating: 6 out of 10


The Commission Machine 2017: what is it all about?

In Cheney’s own words, his Commission Machine is a set of secret super affiliate methods and little-known pieces of knowledge that can make a stone-cold newbie into an incredibly successful affiliate marketer with hundreds of monthly sales and stellar revenues on a regular basis.

How is this all achieved? Through an approach that Michal calls the RAPID method:

  • R – Research

  • A – Angle

  • P I – Provide Incentives

  • D – Deploy

The core thought of this formula is to find the most suitable products for affiliate marketing (the Research stage), presenting them to your audience from an entertaining and emotional perspective (the Angle component), and provide incentives to the potential customers so that they are more likely to purchase the said products. The Deploy stage is where you get to act using the knowledge received.

Please, notice that these approaches are presented as suitable to perform without a website or a huge email list, but that’s not exactly true. In the Commission Machine 2017 you’ll find a lot of email templates and psychological tricks that most likely work, but without having a solid audience or a huge they aren’t worth much. Cheney’s alternative? Sell products using your Facebook page.

What? Really?

 the commission machine review

Yes, this is a valid approach, but again: you need an audience for it to be successful. There’s no way that this can be a method suitable for “stone-cold” newbies. Even if you try promoting the products of your choice on your personal page to friends and relatives, what are the chances you’ll have a lot of sales from them?

Close to zero. Yes, maybe you’ll earn a few bucks thanks to your mom, grandma, or uncle Bob, but is that even close to the income of your dreams?

Anyway, let’s take a look at the content included in the Commission Machine 2017.

What’s inside Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine 2017?

The training inside CM 2017 is broken down into 7 distinct modules, namely:

  • The Orientation session with Michael Cheney

A long and boring video in which Michael tries to sell you a $1997 product disguised as the perfect method to “sit back, relax, and count your commissions.”

  • Getting Started (video length – 3:11)

This video contains an overview of the RAPID formula. Michael emphasizes that it’s a revolutionary and unique approach, but this isn’t true by a long shot. ANY company and ANY marketer from the dawn of times start with their research and present their content to the customers either at a fresh or entertaining angle to stand out of the crowd. A fancy acronym doesn’t make an approach new (sorry, Cheney).

However, let’s be honest: Michael is fun and creative, and hearing his talks can be quite inspiring at times. Nothing innovative or too useful, but rather pleasant every now and then.

  • Research (video length – 28:11)

In this section, Michael does a great job in showing the exact ways to pinpoint the most profitable products to promote and get affiliate commissions from. Hands down, this section is extremely valuable and engaging. Except for one little detail: it’s absolutely generic.

By this, I mean that Cheney implies that the best products are always related to the internet marketing niche, but what if this isn’t your passion? For how long could you force yourself to promote other people’s products if you don’t really like what they are all about?

Yes, the Commission Machine 2017 provides lots of templates and ready to use (just Copy & Paste) emails, so you don’t have to work much on the matter. But it still feels like a good chunk of time wasted. We at Intuitive Marketers believe that anyone’s ream job is always based on one’s hobbies and passions, otherwise, it’s not much better than your usual 9-to-5 job.

  • Angle (video length – 24:10)

This is the most useful part of the Commission Machine 2017, as it shows you how to find the perfect angle for your narration. It breaks down the whole process of marketing into such essential components like storytelling, curiosity, drama, as well as entertainment & excitement.

The core though is that readers convert into buyers when they feel either strong emotions (e.g., a “life-changing product that will be available ONLY for the next 24 h” evokes a feeling of urgency and scarcity) or receive significant incentives (if a thing currently has a 70% discount, people are much more likely to buy it even if they don’t really need the product – the main incentive here is economy and timely purchase).

Michael did a great job on this video: it will definitely be useful for anyone in the marketing niche, even if not related to affiliate systems at all.

  • Providing Incentives (video length – 23:24)

Michael gets into a lot of details on incentives and persuasion in this video, further developing on such principles like scarcity, urgency, bonuses, and other incentives. Useful links to extra tools such as countdown widgets (the classic timers saying you have just 00:09:59 to buy the product at its FABULOUS price) are also provided in this module.

…and then Cheney once again tries selling you a couple of other products of his own. Sigh.

  • Messages (video length – 46:53)

A detailed guide on how to craft killer emails and follow-up messages to maximise your number of commissions and customers. Fantastic resources, great examples, everything in this video is exceptionally useful, although a bit too long and boring.

  • Deploy (video length – 28:43)

This module contains a general overview of what you’ve heard and learned so far, finishing the main course with a couple of extra resources like an autoresponder (free trial) and a tool for creating landing pages (paid).

  • The No List Method (video length – 13:38)

Cheney develops his thoughts on the matter of how can one promote products and become a successful affiliate marketer without having a website or having an email list. Sadly, this method does not sound legit at all, because Facebook promotions without paid ad campaigns are usually severely limited to one’s friends and family, so it’s hard to expect fabulous results from it.

  • Advanced Ninja Tactics (video length – 11:08)

As far as we know, this section is the freshest of the whole course, introduced in 2017. It reveals some “advanced” approaches to bonuses and messages, but none of them can be considered a “game changer,” to be honest. Basically, most of the stuff in this video was mentioned before in the previous modules.

What I liked about Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine 2017

  • The email and message templates that Cheney presents are clear, clever and witty, imbued with a lot of psychological tricks that never get old.

  • The presented step by step approach is viable, and it most likely works (however it isn’t by any means SUPER-SECRET or INNOVATIVE, like Cheney affirms).

  • CM 2017 contains a lot of ready-to-use materials.

What I disliked about Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine 2017

the good and the bad

  • Whatever you say, email marketing is NOT SUITABLE for beginners. You can’t really expect to get solid income and hundreds of sales just by emailing random people or flooding your Facebook newsfeed with products that your family and friends would (hopefully) buy.

  • The presented approach is NOT INDIVIDUAL, as Cheney recommends to sell internet marketing products. We at Intuitive Reviewer believe this approach is time-wasting, little-rewarding and not that effective. Yes, you might get some money from it, but would you really enjoy what you do? Financial rewards are not all there is to a dream job. You should enjoy what you do, and the Commission Machine isn’t very suitable for such cases.

  • Commission Machine is NOT FRIENDLY at all. Michael Cheney’s approach is quite aggressive and upfront, sometimes borderline annoying. His email subscribers receive around 3 emails every single day, and unsubscribing from them is not always possible.

  • Commission Machine 2017 has NO COMMUNITY. In other words, it will be hard to receive the help and support you may want to, and basically, you’ll be left on your own after you finish the course.

    So Is The Commission Machine a Scam or Legit

I must admit that this looked to me like a stone-cold scam when I first stumbled apon it. Micheal Cheney seems a bit of a shady character and it was too over-hyped for me, but after checking the product out and seeing what it has to offer, I believe that it’s totally legit. There is value in some of the training videos but if you’re new to internet marketing there are better alternatives than The Commission machine. 

A viable alternative to consider

If you are new to the whole affiliate marketing thing and do not know where to start your online business from, consider trying out the Wealthy Affiliate community. It’s a world-class educational course that will teach you the exact way to start a profitable business around your passion or hobby. It doesn’t require previous experience or knowledge, an existing website or an email list: you can start from square zero and be sure that a friendly community of thousands of fellow entrepreneurs will always be there to help you, 24/7/365. Hands down, this is our recommended pick!

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8 Replies to “Is the Commission Machine a Scam – Best 2017 Review

  1. Thanks for doing the research on this product it must have taken some time to do it. In the beginning of my search for making money online, I was overwhelmed and I did buy into some scam products. It cost me a few buck over 2 months. I see this group Wealthy Affiliate is free to start that is always a good thing. Try it before you buy it not much of that around anymore!! Thanks for the advice!!

    1. Hi Rod, it’s more like a hobby for me, researching these products so the time spent can actually be quite fun.

      You are not alone at losing out on some of your hard earned money from some of these online scams. Like I say in the review the commission machine isn’t the worst product out there, I’ve come across a lot worse.

      And yeah, it’s a real bonus being able to try before you buy, its the mark of a good product that has nothing to hide.

  2. Wow, sounds like the classic hard sell approach, I hope my email never ends up on the list of anyone that is following this particular process. I had been considering trying the Commission Machine out, glad I found your review first. As you note, I don’t have a large Facebook following or even an email list to start with. Do you have any recommendations on how I can start building that kind of audience?

    1. Hi Craig, maybe this approach of bombarding people with emails works but I’m with you on this and am extra cautious about who I let have my email.

      If you already have a website then building an email list can be challenging. A common method at getting people to sign up to your list is to offer them something for free, like an ebook which offers value for your viewers.

      As for Facebook, have you tried running a contest? Ask people to like and share your page for a chance to win something related to your niche.

      Hope these are helpful for you Craig. Good luck building your following.

  3. A sucker born every moment. This is a great review to avoid being scammed or disappointed. I am just starting out and I will spend my money elsewhere. Some may not be scams but they do not work for beginners with little capital. I am currently starting out and the amount of scams or programs that do not work is daunting
    Thank you for the alternative Wealthy Affiliate. I will see how that one works, at least they do not cost a fortune to start.

    1. This really isn’t a good choice for beginners Daniel. Some might make a bit of money from this but certainly not the figures branded around by Michael Cheney. Some of the methods taught are also outdated and its all a bit to aggressive. Do try out WA and make use of their free membership, also feel free to let me know you experiences with it.

  4. There are A LOT of scams online these days. People are taking advantage of others’ good will. I appreciate that there are individuals like you who are vigilant for these types of businesses. It is hard to find legitimate opportunities through all the noise. Thank you for sharing.

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