Is the Big Profit System a Scam or a Way to Make Easy Money?

Is the Big Profit System a scam

If you’ve ever tried to make money from the comfort of your own home, it is likely that you’ve come across a website that offers the opportunity to join an ‘incredibly’ successful business called the Big Profit System; but the website isn’t one to give visitors a feeling of trustworthiness. It makes you ask the question that we’ll be answering today in this review: is the Big Profit system a scam?

The prospect of earning money while sitting at home doing nothing is certainly one of those things most of us have looked into at some point in our lives, but finding anything that doesn’t sound like a scam is one of the most difficult challenges that you’re going to face while searching for software or a program that gives you that chance that you’re looking for.

We’ve all read about the recent success of online marketers and the ludicrous monthly figures that they manage to generate on income alone, but it usually takes a considerable sum of money to get a successful online venture going. If you’ve done some digging through the large Internet repertoire of money-making offers, you might’ve come across one program that offers all the income benefits of a marketing website without the hassle of doing all the continuous hard work required to keep the site going and the cash flowing.

That’s where the Big Profit System comes in. BPS offers their affiliates an incredible opportunity to get into a business that guarantees no failure – and all you need to join is pay an initial investment fee… of AT LEAST 1,000$. What could go wrong?


Please, read the full review before deciding to purchase the Big Profit System

Quick Overview

  • Name: Big Profit System
  • Website:
  • Type of product: Investments (Pyramid scheme?)
  • Pricing: L1: 1,000$, L2: 3,000$, L3: 6,000$, L4: 12,000$, L5: 20,000$
  • The Intuitive Reviewer Overall Rating: 0 out of 10.

What do you get with an initial investment towards the Big Profit System?

Well… You get nothing, really. The program offers you the chance to invest a considerable amount of money so you’ll be ‘allowed’ into a system that will supposedly take no more than one hour of your time each day. Oddly enough, you’ll never know who these people are, and there is no way to know who is the owner of BPS either – the website domain is private and they never make you aware of any names whatsoever.

Big profit system reviewYou will earn different sums of money depending on the level that you purchased; for example, if you buy access into the first level for a thousand dollars, you’ll get 500$ per sale they (which in fact means you) make. The second level will guarantee 1,500$ per sale after a 3,000$ investment, the third one earns you 3,000$ per sale… You see where this is going, right? Regardless of the amount of money that you decide to invest at the beginning, you’ll receive half of that per each sale made minus an extra fee that the heads of BPS charge to the buyer.

If you decide to purchase entry to any level of the BPS, you’ll be investing your money into something that isn’t just potentially catastrophic, but also a business that resembles a pyramid scheme more than anything else.

How is the Big Profit System structured? How does it work?

Ironically, the structure follows the shape of a pyramid. It’s like they aren’t even trying to hide it! In case you didn’t know, any sort of pyramid scheme is not only frowned upon but also illegal in the United States.

As I told you before, you get basically ZERO guidance when purchasing entry to this so called successful program. The website is solely focused on getting you to buy their product with a bunch of shady-looking informative videos that create more confusion than anything else. You’re just supposed to throw your money at a promise that is very likely fake.

The website also promises that you won’t need to sell anything in order to make money, but that’s NOT entirely true. You’re supposed to get other people into the Big Profit System, which means sending referrals to everyone and their mothers as you attempt to make your money back by getting others to spend theirs.

As if none of this sounds shady enough, there’s an even darker catch to BPS. If you refer someone to a level 2 affiliation as a level 1 affiliate yourself, YOU WON’T MAKE ANY MONEY. That’s right! You ONLY get money if you refer someone to the purchase of a level equal or lower to the one you’re subscribed to.

This means that if you refer someone to a level 5 purchase as a level 4 member, the BPS owners get to keep 20,000$without moving a single finger.

Not even the members’ opinions within the website look legit – they are more than likely made up quotes to trick you into giving them your money.

Let me tell you something, and I’ll be as honest as possible here: any software that promises you’ll make thousands upon thousands of dollars within days of your purchase is a scam, more often than not – and the BPS not only offers that, but it also emphasizes how little effort you’re going to have to put into it.

the good and the badWhat I liked about the Big Profit System

I usually go on to name a few things I like about every product that I review, as everything has a positive side – but the BPS is an exception. Your purchase means entry to a clear-as-day pyramid scheme that will have you investing thousands of dollars into fake promises and a company whose owner you’ll never know.

What I didn’t like about the Big Profit System

The short answer here would be EVERYTHING, but let’s go into further detail:

  • The initial investments fees are TOO HIGH and promise little safety. The only way you’re making your money back as an investor is to convince people into buying the program as well.
  • You get PUNISHED for overselling the software. If you’re a level 1 investor and convince someone to buy an affiliation at level 2, you will basically give the unknown owner 3,000$ and get nothing in return but the regret of spending your hard-earned cash – which brings us to my next point…
  • You never know who the real owner is. This is incredibly concerning and something that shouldn’t be overlooked – how can I put 20,000$ into anything with unknown ownership? There is always a reason behind people that want to keep their identities hidden, and it’s usually not a very good (or legal) one.
  • FAKE PROMISES. You are told that you won’t have to sell anything after purchasing entry to the BPS, but that’s basically a lie. You have to “sell” the program to other people if you intend to make your money back.

Is the Big Profit System a scam or legit?

A scam, let there be no doubt about it. This is a money-grabbing program that will have you spend thousands of dollars towards the fulfillment of lies hidden as promises, forcing you to trick other people into believing that these methods work if you want to make any profit whatsoever. It is structured as a pyramid scheme and it functions like one, hidden behind incredibly expensive products that the company apparently sells in order to avoid legal repercussions.

A viable alternative to consider

Honestly, anything is better that the Big Profit System, so I won’t just talk to you about any alternative software or program that you could choose instead of the BPS – I’ll talk to you about the best option that exists out there for anyone looking to start a business from home: the Wealthy Affiliate. With this program, you will be joining thousands of other entrepreneurs who work hard to make their businesses flourish, and they are willing to help YOU grow your own business from scratch. You’ll also obtain the tools you need in order to build a successful online marketing venture, alongside lessons and invaluable guidance from a professional community that is always open to help you out if you require it. It’s free to join so you can get to see for yourself everything it has to offer. 

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4 Replies to “Is the Big Profit System a Scam or a Way to Make Easy Money?

  1. Hi,
    Wow, detailed information about scams like these will really help people who are desperately looking to make money online. Many honest and hardworking people fall traps to these systems and lose the money. This will really hurt them and kill the zeal of entrepreneurship in them.
    Thank you for the post. Will you be reviewing more of these??

    1. Hello Saiprased and thanks for sharing your thoughts. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of these types of scams around and I do intend on do more of these reviews. I was once one of those people, hoping to find a way to make money online but have had my eyes opened to these scammers and aim to spread awareness now to others.

  2. Man 1000$ is a lot of money and it is only L1. I definitely can’t afford it and not knowing who is the real owner is really suspicious. I mean it looks like a scam. My friend actually suggested that we should have a look at this program but now I just know I should just stay away from it.

    1. I certainly couldn’t afford $1000 upfront when I was starting up online but people have been scammed by the big profit system and others like it. I’m really glad you got to read this before looking any further into this. If you looking to make money online, you should take a look at my #1 recommendation. You can sign up for free, which allows you to get a feel for the program and if you think it can help you, which I’m sure it will. Good luck.

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