How to Sell Your Instagram Photos – Easy Money

How to sell your Instagram photos

Instagram has become a massive online gallery of stunning pictures, fed by some of the world’s most talented photographers; but there are countless relatively unknown users that produce quality content regularly that manage to slip under the radar and miss out on hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars… And you could be one of them! Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to sell your Instagram photos online, we just might have the solution for your dilemma.

Are you one of these hidden Instagram gems? Do you believe that you could actually make decent money with your photography? Are you a known Instagrammer and you want to make some cash using your talent? Read on!

An overview of the process

There is a very important aspect that you need to take into consideration before deciding how and where you’re going to sell your Instagram photos, and it all comes down to a simple question: are you a relatively well-known social media personality whose posts get hundreds or even thousands of likes? Or are you a newcomer to the online photography scene? Maybe you feel like you fall into a category between these two?


How to sell your Instagram photos

Regardless of your popularity, if your content is good enough you’re going to make money with it. We’ll give you some tips on how to do it.

With that said… Keep in mind that if you’re a relatively well-known user you should consider offering your content to your followers. If someone follows you and likes every picture that you post, chances are they might be willing to pay for printed versions of them. Let your followers know that you’re selling your content and see how many bids you receive.

Tips and tricks that will help you make money with your Instagram photos

  • Keep your profile as professional as possible. Focus primarily on posting pictures that you consider good enough to be there, and try to avoid posting too many non-related personal pictures. Remember that your profile is your online portfolio – treat it as such!
  • Be sure to select your finest pictures if you intend to publish your content elsewhere. It’s important that the content you choose to publish on photography-selling websites is the best you have to offer.
  • Use likes as a reference. Notice what types of photos attract more attention as those are the ones that will most likely make you some extra cash. Being loyal to a single niche is important! Find a style that suits you and stick to it.
  • Patience is crucial. If you aren’t making any money at first, don’t worry. Getting started is always the toughest part of this journey – especially for lesser-known users.
  • Add descriptions and hashtags to further extend the reach of your photos. Never underestimate the importance of hashtags! If you want to sell your content through Instagram, tags might help you reach hundreds and even thousands of people that aren’t following you.

Now that we’ve gone through the essentials, let’s take a closer look into the websites you can use to sell your Instagram photos. Each site has different rates, offers and plans – be sure to read through everything before making a decision on where to begin!

  • – Candidly is an extremely user-friendly website with straightforward instructions that help you get started on the online photography-selling market. Once you finish the registration process and get the website’s approval, Candidly will help you sell your photos and provide you with access to their vast network of agencies and brands.

Regardless of how much a company pays for your photo, you’ll receive 50% of the payment in royalties. They also take care of credit card fees and transactions – you don’t have to pay extra money!

  • – BrandFox is a website that allows Instagram users to sell each of their photos. You don’t even need to get approval from the website to start uploading! Just register, browse and start uploading your content!

Just like Candidly, they handle all fees from the sale so you don’t have to pay any extra money. Their selling policies are pretty straightforward – they sell each picture for 10$ and you get to keep 5$. Your images are sold royalty free, which means buyers can use the image as much as they want – free from restrictions.

How to sell your Instagram photos


  • Twenty20 – This is certainly the biggest image-selling website out there. It is endorsed by some of the biggest brands in the world, such as NBC, Google and Snapchat. Twenty20 is surely a safe bet if exposure is what you’re looking for, but their paying terms are a bit different from the last two websites we talked about…This site pays a 20% fee of the sale as commission to the photographer, which meansyou’d be making 2$ per sale. They do have photo challenges where you can earn royalties of 100%, but your picture has to be selected as the Editor’s Pick of the contest.
  • – This website is slightly different than the last three we mentioned as you won’t be getting royalties per se each time you sell a photo. You get to set the price tag of each of your own photos and that’s exactly the amount of money you’ll make per sale.

How does the website make money? They don’t sell licenses to use pictures. Buyers purchase them on frames, canvases, or printed on greeting cards. They charge an extra fee for the materials to whoever buys your photo and they also handle all the proceedings required to finalize the order. Easy-peasy!

Are you ready to start making money?

We’ve given you all of the information that you need to start selling your photos online, and it doesn’t seem that hard, right? Remember that using websites to publish and sell your content is usually way more effective than selling them through Instagram itself, but regardless of the method you decide to employ keep in mind that patience is crucial – we can’t stress this enough! Maybe you’ll hit the ground running and start selling photos from the get-go, but if you don’t, don’t worry – a talented photographer always manages to sell their content!

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