Affiliate Marketing Training – The Comprehensive 3-in-1 Solution

Financial freedom. Residual income. A business of your own. A flexible routine during which you work when and how you see fit, never again a slave to the 9-to-5 oppression. If any of these points is something you have ever dreamed of, consider yourself lucky: your time to shine is now.

Making money online isn’t just a vague and distant reality anymore: it’s a verified step by step process that anyone can follow to achieve success. But how? Where do you learn all the skills needed? And what about the tools, the mentors, the community? What if you don’t have the slightest idea about how do you set your own website?

Now stop right there for a second and chill. Breathe in, breathe out.

The ultimate solution is enclosed in two words: Wealthy Affiliate. The comprehensive 3-in-1 solution to all of your online moneymaking aspirations: a world-class combination of training, tools, and community.

Wealthy Affiliate? What is it all about?

As the name implies, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform dedicated to affiliate marketing. WA makes a clear point as to the final goal of the undertaking—wealth, but what does it do to help you reach it?

Wealth is absolutely unachievable without proper education, so this is what the Wealthy Affiliate platform focuses on: teaching all of its members the proven step by step process of starting a profitable business online and leading it to success.

  • WA isn’t a formula of overnight riches. Instead, it’s a roadmap that anyone can follow to guarantee his or her business will grow and thrive for years to come.

  • WA isn’t a specific product that you purchase and make money from, but a guide on how to create your own products and businesses. This means you can turn any passion or hobby that you have—into long-term and consistent profits.

  • WA isn’t a scheme used to bypass the usual trials of anyone starting a business. It’s not a cheat code. WA is a series of tools and courses aimed to simplify and clarify every step of creating a successful project. And by “successful” we mean wealthy.

Let’s get specific. What’s Wealthy Affiliate made of?

The training that will turn you into an entrepreneur

Hands down, this is the most amazing part of the whole Wealthy Affiliate platform. The amount of knowledge, quality, and heart that the creators have put into this part of their community is just hard to imagine.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform contains an unbelievable set of Certification Courses broken down into 5 levels each. This isn’t just a set of soulless tutorials, but a full-scale training program which will flawlessly guide you through all of the steps of starting your business online. Just take a look:

Level 1: Getting Started

  • Finding your passion and picking a niche.

  • Crafting your first website and setting it online.

  • Learning the basics of keywords & SEO basics.

  • Creating your first piece of engaging content from scratch.

Meaning that by the end of the first level of training, you’ll already have a working website dedicated to your own hobby or passion. A website ready to make money!

Level 2: Getting Traffic

  • Creating a BRAND out of your website.

  • Building up your website with quality content.

  • Bringing consistent traffic to your website.

  • Developing trust with Google.

Let’s face it: making money with your website is, to a great extent, about the number of visitors you get. The more people read your content and follow your advice, the more money you get, and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you exactly how to find your audience and bring it to your website.

Level 3: Making Money

  • Finding the right affiliate programs for your website.

  • Monetizing your website with ads.

  • Creating high-converting reviews to maximize affiliate income.

This is the part where you start earning (yeah!), as it teaches you exactly how affiliate marketing works, how to find the most suitable affiliate programs specifically for your niche, as well as how to turn your traffic into converting visitors.

Level 4: Enhancing Social Reach

  • On Facebook

  • On Pinterest

  • On Twitter

  • And even on Google Plus

Starting a really successful online business in the modern era is impossible without reaching out to your potential readers and visitors through social media, so this level of the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Course will show you how to increase social engagement using the most popular platforms out there. It’s time to socialize!

Level 5: Maximizing Your Success

  • Mastering the Google Webmasters tool.

  • Boosting your website’s speed and indexing times.

  • Getting your solid share of Yahoo and Bing searches.

  • Setting achievable goals for your business: the 6 and 12-month milestones.

After all else is learned and mastered, this level of the Wealthy Affiliate course shows you the way to expand your audience even further by ranking in the Yahoo and Bing search engines and drastically improving some technical parameters of your website, namely its speed and indexing rate.

And what’s even better… This is just the beginning.

After you successfully finish this basic online entrepreneurship course, you’re all set to visit the Affiliate Bootcamp, with over 70 world-class quality videos that will teach you how to further leverage your business using PPC (pay per click) campaigns and other types of advertisement.

Want even more training? Wealthy Affiliate offers ongoing weekly classes along with an enormous library with hundreds of other training videos. These guys have literally EVERYTHING you need to know if you want to achieve success online.

All the tools you need to make your business thrive

Learning how to do something has little worth if you don’t have the right set of tools to make it happen, and the guys at WA are absolutely aware of this fact. That’s why the platform provides you with a powerful set of instruments that will help you build a website in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to be a technical guru or a geeky genius: with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, even your dog could make a website of its own!

Here’s just a little snippet of what you’ll have access to after signing up to your FREE membership

  • 10 training video tutorials (3 hours of world-class training)
  • 2 Free websites
  • Free website hosting
  • Access to the worlds most advanced keyword research tool
  • Mentorship from some of the worlds top affiliate marketers

The most helpful community in the world

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just a platform where you’ll be left on your own: it’s a family. A community of similar minds sharing one thing in common: the determination to become a successful online entrepreneur.Wealthy Affiliate community

Have a question? Ask it out loud and receive dozens of answers in a matter of minutes. Want to share your success? Tell the community, and see how everyone rejoices for you! Looking for someone interesting to chat with? People from all around the world are on the line.

Even the owners find the time to check on your progress and are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

Wealthy Affiliate has a vibrant community, and this isn’t some sort of blabber.

Join the fun to see for yourself.

The best part: it’s AFFORDABLE

After reading all of this, you’re probably thinking that joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform would cost you at least a couple of hundred dollars per month. Good news for you: it’s not even close to that!

Wealthy Affiliate has a free trial period of 7 days, which is more than enough for you to get started and see whether becoming a successful online entrepreneur is really for you. If it’s not, you’re free to go: no questions asked, no dollars billed. However, if you decide to stay aboard, the monthly fee is just $49 per month of Premium Membership or $359 yearly (That’s under a dollar a day, you won’t find better value for your money anywhere else) and unlike nearly every other opportunity you will come across there is no further up sells or hidden costs. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate hasn’t increased there membership price since they started back in 2005.

As if that weren’t as great as it already is, WA is giving the first month of Premium Membership for just $19. Really, what are you waiting for?

==>Click Here to start your free trial and claim a 59% discount off your first month!

The Bottom Line

If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to start a successful affiliate business, this is your best shot. Really, it can’t get much better than this: the training, the tools, the community, everything is on a quality level that every WA member is tremendously proud of, and for a good reason.

And you’re not even risking a single dollar: the one-week trial period shows you everything that WA is all about, no expenses whatsoever. Try yourself out!

Who knows, maybe you are the next affiliate bigshot? 🙂

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